Established in 1996, Lokhandwala Durga Puja became a household name in its first year itself. The Puja was started by a small number of Bengali families in and around the area of Lokhandwala, Mumbai and in its first year of inception established itself as the Best Puja in Mumbai. Under the stewardship of famous playback singer Abhijit Bhattacharya, the Puja has scaled unimaginable heights and has now become the undisputed No.1 celebration in the country. The main motto of the Puja is to keep alive and reflect the Rich Bengali Tradition and to showcase the same to the whole world.

Bangla Art and Tradition has been the pride of every Bengali and we are striving hard to maintain its necessary luster. We are the only Puja which initiates the celebrations from the fourth day of Navratri itself, with each day being celebrated with the same pomp and glory. Many creative souls are actively involved in the Puja, in an attempt to make this grand celebration par excellence.

World-famous Art Director Bijon DasGupta sculpts the Pandal every year and his creative genius exceeds himself. The Pandal easily defeats the previous year’s creation and that makes Bijonda’s contribution unmatchable.Amit Pal crafts the Pratima, Parimal and Nirmal Karmakar, both National Awardees, handle the intricate and beautiful Sola Decoration, Lalit Das and his brother head the group of internationally – renowned dhakis and Raju Savla who handles the entire infrastructural arrangement, make up for the team which creatively paints a classic and magnifique picture, which the whole world watches in awe. We pride our self in the Bhog served to the masses during the Puja.

We leave no stone unturned in serving quality food to each and every devotee. Starting from the steel plates, spoons and Bisleri water, we serve sumptious Khichdi, Labda, Beguni, Chutney, assortment of fried items followed by payesh and sweets. We serve Bhoj on Dashami,with Pulao and Paneer being the highlight. The menu is different everyday and that itself establishes us as a one of a kind Puja in the country.